The Adventures of Trike Man – Scenes #2 – 3.

Scenes #2 – #3 of the Adventures of Trike Man.

Emily MoonAfter writing the origin story for Trike Man, guest artist, Emily Moon, needed to show the growth of her character as he came to understand the possibilities and limitations of his new “fly tricycling” powers.  To help her with her hero’s growing pains Emily followed the Life Outside the Box comic slam worksheet: Life Outside the Box Comic Slam “Fail, fail, fail, save-the-day!”  This comic slam had these sections:


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Comic slam: “Fail, fail, fail …Save the day!” (click image to read)

A) Big idea: GRIT – firmness of mind or spirit; courage in the face of hardship or danger; able to deal with hard times

B) Method: It’s time to give your character some Super Power lessons. Learning to control super powers and those annoying unfortunate side effects can be challenging, dangerous — and sometimes embarrassing. You need to give your hero some grit! Step 1. Imagine a scene in which your beginner-hero first accidentally discovers her or his super power. What happened? Who was affected? Step 2. Imagine what would happen if your beginner-hero was trying to “save the day” and she or he did not yet know how to turn on the super power. What happened? Who was affected? Step 3. Imagine what would happen if your beginner-hero was trying to “save the day” and used too much super power. What happened? Who was affected?

C) Comic: Draw a comic strip in which your hero’s super power lessons get off to a rough start — first, there is “too little” power; second, “too much” power, and third — hurray! — your Hero’s super power is “just right” and helps to get the job done.

D) Rules 1: To build up your beginner- hero’s grit and strength, you must make your Hero go through some failures before the ultimate win. 2: Your hero must go undergo a super power learning process. 3: Just like Goldilocks, your beginner-hero must learn about: “too little,” “too much,” and “just right” when controlling super powers and unfortunate side effects.

Emily’s hero struggles to sustain his tricycling power…


Scene #2: This heroic and determined dad, having broken his super cool bike, hops on his daughter’s tricycle and attempts lift off.




Scene #3: Super dad achieves lift off on his daughter’s trike. Unfortunately, he still has to learn how to steer.

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