The Adventures of Future Hearing Man – Scene #3

Scene #3 – The Adventures of Future Hearing Man.

Jenna OakleyWith the origin story and master of the super power complete, guest artist, Jenna Oakley, chose to explore the personal price well-meaning heroes pay when they drop everything to respond to a distress call. Jenna followed the Life Outside the Box comic slam worksheet: “Comic Slam – Great power, Great responsibility – Life Outside the Box.” Here is a transcript of this comic slam activity sheet:

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 8.48.01 PMA) Big idea: OBLIGATION: something that you must do because it is morally right; something you do out of a sense of duty to others who depend on you.

B) Blurb: Heroes eventually learn, “with great power comes great responsibility.” But how is a hero to earn good grades at school, be on time for meals, go on dates, or put in enough hours at work if she or he is always being interrupted with “Help, Save me!” calls? How will your hero handle balancing a life of frequent super-rescues while still keeping up with her or his everyday duties and obligations? Can your hero handle being a “winner” in the public’s eye but risking looking like a “loser” in everyday life when important meetings, tests, jobs — and even sleep — get(s) frequently interrupted? Imagine the personal cost your hero pays to drop everything and run when villains attack, aliens invade, or kittens get stuck up in a tree? What happens to your hero’s friendships? What happens to your hero’s everyday, personal reputation?

C) Comic: Draw a comic strip in which your hero has to choose between dropping everything to run and “save the day” or showing up for an important personal meeting/event. How does your hero feel about having to choose?

D) Rules: Step 1: You must show your Hero really needs or wants to do something that is personally important. Step 2: You must show a clash — a fight — between your hero’s personal needs and the needs of others. Optional extra Step 3: Show your hero’s mixed feelings about “saving the day” AND being absent for a meeting, missing a deadline or not being there for a friend.

Jenna begins this scene with her hero studying hard for an exam. He hears a cry for help and without hesitation responds. Fortunately, he is prepared and has his hero costume with him. Unfortunately, he discovers his future hearing power was accurate but the context of the emergency was not what he was expecting. Future Hearing Man fulfills his obligation to serve those in need and he pays the price in lost marks for the missed test.FutureHearingMan-02Follow the adventures of Future Hearing Man in scene #1 and scene #3 …

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